Mediation Singapore

Are you facing a divorce?
Do you want to resolve things but can’t even communicate with the other party?
Or, are you in conflict with your boss, friend, neighbour, family member?

Mediation can assist you. With the help of our experienced mediators, parties can meet to talk in an environment that promotes collaboration and peacemaking.

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Counselling Singapore

Are you or someone you know depressed? Stressed? Always angry? Having problems? Do you or your friend or family member need help?

EMCC’s counsellors can help you move towards a more satisfying and resourceful experience of life. Let us assist you to identify personal strengths and develop ways to live happily and more fully.

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Marriage Journey

Marriage Counselling

The Marriage Journey Programme is EMCC’s show of our firm commitment towards families and building the very cornerstone on which society is built upon.

We journey with our clients from pre-marriage, post-wedding and through parenthood. Our services aim to keep families strongly together, so that we can build a society resilient and united to face the days ahead.

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Training & Education

Workshops on mediation, conflict management and counselling-related topics are available in-house and off-site. These include :

• Mediation Workshop (basic and advanced)
• Conflict Management Workshop
• Church Conciliation Workshop
• Peer Mediation Workshop
• Father-Teen Conflict Management Workshop


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